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Are you looking to develop the future leaders of your organization? 

Are you ready to promote your current leaders to the next level?

Do you want to increase the effectiveness and cohesiveness of your teams?

Linda’s Skills Development Workshops are informative, interactive, skills-based and can be tailored to the needs of your specific organization. They are typically 1 to 2 full days in length but can be condensed or extended depending on your requirements. 

While most trainers really stick to a structured training program, Linda brings flexibility, personality, entertainment and inspiration into everything that she does. If you are ready to get the most out of your professional development investments, empower your leaders and employees and enable change across your team or organization, let’s talk!

Coach and Empower your Team 

How do we engage our team and increase productivity, confidence and job satisfaction? How do we empower others? It is our role as leaders to engage and empower people to become the best they can be! 

In this workshop, participants are introduced to a coaching model that will assist in developing their ability to draw out valuable information from others and encourage them to come up with their own ideas and solutions to situations or problems. Implementing and practicing this model will prepare the participants to have effective coaching conversations, inspire creativity and increase problem-solving skills across their teams.

Leadership Essentials

Although it is true that some people are born with greater natural gifts than others, the ability to lead is actually a collection of skills, nearly all of which can be learned and improved upon. This process does not happen overnight, and communication is key, as well as the ability to inspire and be flexible. The willingness to get out of one’s comfort zone, and learn continuously as a way of adapting to changing surroundings, is a key factor in becoming a successful leader.

In this workshop, participants are introduced to a coaching model that will assist in developing their ability to draw out valuable information from others and encourage them to come up with their own ideas and solutions to situations or problems. Implementing and practicing this model will prepare the participants to have effective coaching conversations, inspire creativity and increase problem-solving skills across their teams.

Change Management

Bringing about change at any level of an organization can be a daunting task.  Is your organization beginning to think about major change? Or have you already implemented change and despite your best efforts, you are being met with difficulties or resistance?

Change Management deals with how to ensure a smooth and effective transition by teaching participants how to predict and respond to the various responses to change, how to manage resistance, and how to increase comfort levels among their team members.

This workshop is for those looking for helpful strategies that can be easily be implemented into their own organization to minimize disruptions and give the needed support to their team members.

Presentation Skills

Do you dread delivering presentations? Do you want to feel more confident in front of a crowd?  Do you struggle to you keep your audience or your team engaged and interested?

In this workshop, participants will learn to structure impactful presentations, develop engaging content, and deliver in a memorable and impactful way. Participants will leave this workshop with marked improvement of their presentation skills delivery, increased confidence in their abilities, and the tools they need to get the outcome they are looking for from their presentations.

Teamwork at its’ Best

Our personal values have a huge impact on how we behave and interact in the workplace. We see the world according to our values. We communicate, act, make decisions and relate to others according to our values.

This workshop will focus on helping team members discover what they value most, and how these values impact their ability to communicate, collaborate, and participate in the team. Once aware, they will be able to take advantage of their differences, minimize misunderstandings and conflicts, achieve results and create a happier and healthier team environment. 

Conflict Resolution

Conflict in one form or another is inevitable when you work with others. Resolving it requires patience and respect. 

The human experience of conflict involves our emotions, perceptions and actions; we experience it on all three levels and we need to address all three levels to resolve it. In this workshop, participants will experience how their value system impacts their reactions towards conflicts. They will review the three-stage process required to resolve conflicts and learn strategies to prevent it. Participants will leave equipped to foster and maintain a healthier and more cohesive work environment.

The Art of Delegating

Delegation is an essential part of being a great leader, yet it doesn’t come naturally to most. Often, we think it is easier and safer to do everything ourselves. This belief can lead to more stress and less time to spend on our highest priorities, and our teams remain undeveloped.

As a leader, you can’t do everything! You must decide what you need to do and what you can delegate to others. Once you learn to delegate effectively, you will be rewarded with more time to focus on other, perhaps more important tasks. Your team will feel more empowered and satisfied. Team members will develop new skills and enjoy more responsibility.

Delegation builds trust and demonstrates a leader’s confidence in their team members. That is a win-win!

Ready to take your company to the next level? 


Linda P. Cousineau is a sought after, award-winning public speaker. She has a passionate belief in the power of connecting through values. Her presentations engage handfuls to hundreds. Thought provoking topics and story-telling complement her energetic delivery. With 20 years of speaking experience, she is a Key-Note not to forget.

Recent & Upcoming Events

PMI Symposium, Oct. 2018 

PMI Symposium, Oct. 2019

Averna Engineering Summit,  Nov. 2019

Women In Business Conference, March 2020

WEN Global, on stage with Brian Tracey, April 2020

PIC Investment, on stage with Deepak Chopra, September 2020

Contact LPC today to discuss how Linda can make your next event unforgettable. 

“Linda P. Cousineau was a Guest Speaker at our last National PMI Symposium. The feedback we received from participants was overwhelmingly positive. A few weeks later, we hired Linda to deliver her training program called: “The Operations’ Model – The Importance of Personal Values”. Again, our members raved about Linda’s ability to inspire and share relevant information while making it fun! Linda is quickly becoming a “favorite” amongst our Association.”

Pete Grieve, PMI OVOC (Ottawa) Chapter, VP Programs and 2018 NCPMS Symposium Chair


We are happy to deliver your internal training programs in English, French or both. Anytime, anywhere!

In the past eighteen years, we have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of industries including: Provincial and Federal Governments, The Canadian Forces, Post Secondary Education Institutions, Banking, Health Care, (including Hospitals, Pharmaceutical), Legal Service teams, Product Manufacturing, Mining, Automotive, Brewery, Travel, Postal Services, Translation Services and Retail. 

If you want to further develop the skills and abilities of your leaders, managers and employees and want to use your own internal training programs, it would be our pleasure to work alongside you.

Our training style is energetic, dynamic and motivational!  We welcome you to find out for yourself!

“Linda has been co-facilitating Siemens’ Coach@Siemens program for over 3 years now. This is a high visibility, high demand program. Linda is a fully bilingual, dynamic facilitator. She is able to transfer the required knowledge to the participants in a very professional and competent manner. As a co-facilitator, she interacts well with the other co-facilitators and adapts easily to the different styles. Participants find her engaging and approachable. I would not hesitate to recommend Linda to other organizations who are considering using her services.”

Francine Piché, Director, Human Resources, Learning, Leadership and Talent Development, Siemens Canada Limited


Business Coaching is done in person or over the phone and is completely confidential. It encourages high-functioning executives and managers to bridge the gap to their next level of success, gives executives and managers the opportunity to strengthen specific interpersonal, communication, leadership or managerial skills and allows individuals to give voice to their challenges.

Coaching helps clients to:

  • Identify unique abilities and values
  • Develop strategies and confidence
  • Clarify priorities and goals
  • Provide direction
  • Stimulate progress
  • Sharpen skills
  • Enhance relationships
  • Shift thought patterns
  • And much more.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how the coaching process may add value to you or your team. 

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This concentrated, 1-day negotiation training will reinforce and extend the process framework developed at the initial workshop. This flexible course is formulated to meet your needs, identified in advance. The workshop will: Refresh important negotiation and influencing concepts developed at the initial workshop Review your negotiating experience and overcome personal difficulties Extend further your individual skill development.