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Meet Linda P. Cousineau

Linda P. Cousineau is the CEO and Founder of LPC and Associates Inc.

She is a bilingual Canadian entrepreneur, an award winning speaker and an international best-selling co-author.  

With over 20 years of consulting, coaching and training experience, Linda engages her clients across Canada, the US and Europe. She has worked with leaders and teams from a variety of industries including Public Service, The Canadian Forces, Post Secondary Education Institutions, Banking, Health Care, (including Hospitals, Pharmaceutical), Legal Service teams, Product Manufacturing, Mining, Automotive, Brewery, Travel, Postal Services, Translation Services and Retail. 

Prior to discovering the world of training and coaching, Linda held leadership positions in both the private and public sectors. She learned first hand what takes place when organizations implement strategic and operational plans, without training their teams on the skills needed to see them through. 

Linda’s authenticity and contagious energy are apparent in all aspects of her work. She has insight into what motivates and inspires individuals to achieve permanent change in their performance and attitude. 

Consider adding me to your network! 

“We engaged Linda to develop and provide training generalized staff team building… Her detailed preparatory work resulted in a superior training experience for all staff. I have had nothing but positive comments and have noticed a significant “attitudinal” shift in my staff since the training took place. Her ability to move seamlessly between French and English was also very beneficial, I have met few trainers who can operate on this basis. Overall, I would recommend Linda’s services to any client in need of professional team building and/or sales training.”

David Hodgson, President
Brite-Lite Group

Meet Leon Tarasoff

Leon has been a successful Canadian entrepreneur and consultant for 18 years, building his own business from the ground up. His work has taken him to all corners of the globe and he has worked with individuals and teams from multiple industries and backgrounds. 

Throughout his career, Leon has held various managerial positions in the private and public sectors, working with and managing teams of all sizes and skill levels. He has extensive experience as a corporate leader and project manager specializing in project planning and execution. His expertise also extents to client IT technology enablement programs and scaling business processes and systems, making him a valuable member of the LPC and Associates team. 

In the spring of 2016, Leon was introduced to the “Connecting Through Values” curriculum. He instantly recognized that this methodology was an incredible tool to help increase team synergy and improve communications in every aspect of the workplace, both internally and externally. 

As a facilitator, Leon is dependable, versatile and highly adaptable to the changing business landscape. He is a dedicated and diligent professional who brings clarity and charisma to his sessions. 

           LEON TARASOFF


         TARA F. TENNANT


Meet Tara F. Tennant

Meet Tara, the newest member of the LPC and Associates team. She’s a business consultant and mom of 2 from the outskirts of Ottawa. Tara helps entrepreneurs redefine their relationship with their business so that they can increase profits, have more time to do what they love, and improve the wellbeing of their businesses and themselves.

Her experience stems from 10 years spent in the Greater Toronto Area where she honed her client service, financial analysis, and coaching skills working as a licensed Financial Advisor. She returned to the Ottawa area in 2010 and spent the second phase of her career as a Controller in the agri-business sector. Always drawn to find areas for improvement wherever she goes, she has spearheaded projects on policy development, marketing and operational procedures as well as strategies for employee and client engagement.

Tara brings organizational prowess, interpersonal understanding and innovative thinking to the training and consulting space; this, combined with her years of experience, make her a valuable addition to the LPC & Associates team.