Our Technology

Cutting-Edge BANKCODE Training Technologies Ensure You Get The Best Out Of Your Subscription

B.A.N.K. leverages the most cutting-edge developments in e-Learning technology to ensure that you fully master the content and can put the lessons to work right away. B.A.N.K. trainings go beyond just audio and video content to provide a fully interactive experience. Access valuable content 24/7 on our advanced yet simple platform optimized for any device, so you can drill skills or dive deep into the theory whenever you have a free moment. Plus, you’ll benefit from the innovative elements of our training platform that make us top-tier—even beyond our game-changing content!

Your subscription includes:

Realistic Simulations to Practice Skills

You won’t just learn B.A.N.K. theory; you’ll practice your coding skills in realistic simulations. Hone your Speed Coding and Power Scripting skills online before you ever use them on a real client.

Engaging Tests and Quizzes

Tests and quizzes help you track your progress, but that doesn’t mean they have to feel drab like they did in school. Our tests have a fluid, responsive
user interface that makes quizzing yourself fun.

Real-time Feedback and Progress Reporting

We don’t make you wait until the end of a quiz to find out where your mistakes are. Get feedback in real time with easy links to immediately review content you didn’t fully understand.

Weekly Updates and Additions of Material

Studies on B.A.N.K. are ongoing, and new discoveries and updates are immediately delivered to our courses.

Easy Access to B.A.N.K. Experts

If you have a question or want to learn more, we provide you with easy access to B.A.N.K. experts around the world through our integrated training model. You can even meet an expert live!

Keep Track Of Your Progress In Real Time With Our Sophisticated Multi-Tiered Tracking And Reporting Capabilities

Your success depends on your knowledge, but it’s impossible to assess your own knowledge without real data. Our sophisticated multi-tiered tracking and reporting technologies make it easy to stay on top of your own progress and see how you are improving. Check your success rate and progress through courses with just the click of a button. You can even pinpoint areas of weakness for easy review. These tracking and reporting capabilities are especially helpful when used by teams or corporate clients. Managers can monitor individual and group progress to ensure robust participation and give additional support where needed.

Take advantage of:

Snapshot Dashboard Reports On Your Progress

Don’t want to sort through the data to find patterns? Snapshot progress reports show patterns and trends to you in a straightforward summary report that instantly adjusts to give you the latest information on your progress.

Easy Enterprise Tracking And Team Progress Analysis

When teams go through B.A.N.K. trainings together, managers and team leaders can track group and individual progress easily using special team tracking tools. View recent activity, monitor course progress, check for areas that could use additional training, and ensure that no one falls behind.

Multi-Tiered Administrative Access

Not all users need the same level of access to a group account. Control who can see what and ensure the privacy of team members with multi-level administrative access. You can even give access to a “Super User Area” which creates special team reports with easy filters by location, team, position, or other criteria.

Optional Automated Reminders

Whether you want to keep your team on track or simply want to monitor your own use of B.A.N.K., there are many tools you can use to keep progress moving. Choose to activate email or text reminders after a certain time without activity, track days active with success milestones, or schedule extra trainings—it’s up to you!

Intuitive Progress Tracking And Data

Want to go more in depth? B.A.N.K.’s progress tracking functions provide you with full access to any data you could want from quiz results to time spent in each course to everything in between. All data is presented in an intuitive format that makes accessing and analyzing it simple— even if you aren’t a data wiz.