Our Services

We specialize in the design and delivery of management, supervisory and employee skills development programs.

We can develop or customize programs to suit your specific needs.

We pride ourselves in offering enjoyable, stimulating and highly interactive programs in both official languages.

In the event that you already have a program developed but no one to deliver it, we will be happy to facilitate it for you.

Our goals:
• Enable you to achieve your company goals;
• Effect dynamic change in performance and attitude;
• Further develop your leaders, managers and employees so your company may thrive.

Benefits to your company:
• Increased productivity
• Optimized efficiency
• Clear communication
• Strong teams
• Positive work environment
• Effective time management
• Improved customer service
• Full sales potential
• Minimized conflict
• Control of stress

and so many more…


Each of these steps can be offered individually:

Conduct a needs analysis
• Gathering information through observation, interviews and questionnaires;
• Correlating, examining and filtering the results;
• Identifying gaps, strengths and training needs;
• Presenting a summary of findings to management.

Create or customize training materials 

Deliver training programs
• Anywhere, anytime
• English, French or both

• Live-environment coaching or coaching on the telephone are available to assist in the on-going application of the new skills learned.


Following are examples of some of the training programs offered in the past:
• B.A.N.K. Sales Fundamentals
• Coaching your team
• Conflict Management
• Coping with change
• Customer care
• Developing a cohesive team
• Dealing with difficult situations
• Effective leadership
• Enhancing communication skills
• Management skills
• Maximizing sales potential
• Motivating your team
• Negotiation and influencing skills
• Performance coaching
• Presentation skills
• Stress management
• Telephone skills
• Train the trainers
• Time Management
• Understanding human behaviour & interactions

I am happy to deliver your internal training programs in English, French or both… Anytime, anywhere!

In the past eighteen years, I have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of industries including: automotive, banking, brewery, Canadian forces, hospitals, legal, medical, mining, pharmaceutical, postal service, product manufacturing, retail, translation, travel, I am probably forgetting a few!

If you want to further develop the skills and abilities of your leaders, managers and employees and want to use your internal training programs… I can assist and I will deliver!

My training style is energetic, dynamic and motivational! I welcome you to find out for yourself!

" Linda’s skills are outstanding. She is able to converse comfortably in English and French and will switch back and forth between languages to accommodate the needs of our employees. Her performance as a facilitator is among the highest we have ever recorded. "

" Linda consistently receives positive feedback and evaluations from our students. Her ability to connect and to effectively communicate course material in a clear and practical manner is evident. Her motivational teaching style and extensive knowledge and experience in training and development have made a significant contribution to the success of our programs. "
SAIT POLYTECHNIC (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology)

The process of coaching creates self-awareness in thoughts and action. It challenges the clients to move beyond where they are at the present moment.

In each meeting, the client chooses the focus of conversation, while the Coach listens and contributes observations and questions. This interaction creates clarity and moves the client into action.

Coaching accelerates the client’s progress by providing great focus and awareness of choice. Coaching concentrates on where the client is now and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be in the future.

The results are a matter of the client’s intentions, choices and actions, supported by the Coach’s efforts and application of the coaching process.

As Coaches, we look forward to coaching you (or members of your team) to accomplish what you really want…
Action is the bridge between dreams and reality!


Many organizations are discovering the value and benefits of Business Coaching:

• It encourages high-functioning executives and managers to bridge the gap to their next level of success;
• It gives executives and managers the opportunity to strengthen specific interpersonal, communication, leadership or managerial skills;
• It allows these individuals to give voice to their challenges.

A Coach provides non-judgemental support and holds the individual accountable to the commitments made. The results are in direct proportion to the effort the client is willing to put into the process.

Coaching helps clients to:
• Identify unique abilities and values
• Develop strategies and confidence
• Clarify priorities and goals
• Provide direction
• Stimulate progress
• Sharpen skills
• Enhance relationships
• Shift thought patterns
And much more.

Coaching is done in person or over the phone. It is completely confidential.
The process creates self-awareness in thought and action. It will challenge you to move beyond where you are at the present moment.
We invite you to contact us to discuss how the coaching process may add value to you or your team.


Who are you?
What do you dream of?
What do you want your life to be?

Coaching is a collaborative partnership between a Coach and a willing individual (the Coachee), which connects at the deep personal level of beliefs, values and vision.

It enables, through a process of discovery, goal setting and specific action. It is for the realization of extraordinary results. Coaching is based in a body of knowledge, technology and a style of relating that focus on the development of human capacity.

Personal – life coaching is done in person or over the phone. It is completely confidential.

The process creates self-awareness in thought and action. It will challenge you to move beyond where you are at the moment.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how the coaching process may add value to you or your team.

It’s in speaking your dreams that you breathe life into them and they become reality. You are the guardian of your happiness. It’s time to believe in amazing possibilities because possibilities make you care about the future. They inspire hope, and hope is always replenishing and uplifting.

Information coming soon!

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Professional Negotiation & Influencing Training

Need personal development in negotiation training?

We believe negotiators are made, not born. Even if you are a good negotiator, there is always room for improvement.

Dynamic, fast paced and filled with practical and intensive learning experiences, our negotiation training will challenge you and enhance your practical negotiating and influencing capabilities. Gain personalized awareness, insights, and abilities.

We offer:

  • Professional Negotiation (level 1): 2 day workshop (14 credits)
  • Strategic Negotiation (level 2): 2 day workshop (14 credits)
  • Expert Negotiation (level 3): 2 day workshop (14 credits)
  • Negotiation and Influencing Refresher: 1 day workshop (7 credits)

Professional Negotiation (level 1)

This fast-paced, intensive 2-day negotiation workshop will significantly enhance your negotiation and influencing capability. You will gain insights into human behavior and the frameworks, tools and techniques that will allow you to best achieve your objectives and goals or those of your company.

Learning Outcomes:

 Understand advanced negotiation and influencing concepts and terminology

 Distinguish and capitalize on negotiation content versus negotiation process

 Manage time frames

 Manage critical components of the negotiation process

 Utilize the essential role of influence

 Strategically build common ground

 Capitalize on communication style flexibility

 Diagnose needs and drivers

 Manage atmospherics

 Identify, counter and employ tactics

 Alter the balance of power

 Develop negotiation and influencing strategy

Strategic Negotiation (level 2)

Influence difficult or powerful people while under pressure with skills form this 2-day negotiation training. Building on our Professional Negotiation (Level 1) workshop, you will focus on your current negotiation scenarios and discover unique options and solutions.

Learning Outcomes:

 Review and audit your current application of advanced negotiation concepts

 Develop and employ effective strategies to achieve your objectives

 Build negotiation style consciousness

 Intentionally manage the sequence of negotiations

 Break deadlocks creatively

 Prepare systematically to gain strategic advantage

 Lock in commitment to lasting agreements

 Handle pressure, conflict and uncertainty

 Generate tactical options through practice and rehearsal

 Major case study rehearsal with constructive feedback

 Undertake post negotiation review

Expert Negotiation (level 3)

Enhancing Levels 1 and 2, this rigorous 2-day master class in small groups, provides personalized coaching and mentoring for the current challenges you face, while focusing on difficult and complex scenarios.

Learning Outcomes:

Review your understanding of negotiation concepts and techniques

Create and manage strong negotiation teams

Heightened style consciousness – work outside your comfort zone

Negotiate and influence under uncertain and unpredictable conditions

Manage advanced concession trading

Apply advanced questioning techniques

Utilize advanced rehearsal techniques

Guide critical negotiations to achieve your objectives

Negotiation & Influencing Refresher

This concentrated, 1-day negotiation training will reinforce and extend the process framework developed at the initial workshop. This flexible course is formulated to meet your needs, identified in advance. The workshop will:

Refresh important negotiation and influencing concepts developed at the initial workshop
Review your negotiating experience and overcome personal difficulties
Extend further your individual skill development

For more information, please contact Linda (linda@lpcandassociates.com)